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Generating monthly and weekly IRC stats with pisg

March 25th, 2011 2 comments

This tutorial shows you how to configure automatic generation of all time, monthly and weekly IRC statistics from Irssi log files using pisg and a custom bash script by me. A PHP script (also by me) is also provided for injecting handy navigation links to the HTML files generated by pisg for easy navigation between all time, monthly and weekly stats of a specific channel.

Apache mod_rewrite is used for providing fancy URL access to the PHP enhanced statistics. PHP and mod_rewrite aren’t necessarily needed, but they make things handier and prettier.

In this example the Irssi log files are stored on a remote shell, and they are retrieved automatically with scp using public key authentication, but this is not necessary if you already have the Irssi log files on the same machine where you are generating the stats. Read more…

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Open Flash Chart

July 5th, 2009 7 comments

OFC2 Example Charts

Have you ever wanted to have some data you have gathered (e.g. your website’s visitor statistics, poll results etc.) to be displayed visually as a fancy graphical chart on your website? Open Flash Chart (OFC) is an easy to use solution for displaying any data as stunning Flash charts. OFC is licensed in LGPL.

OFC is a single Flash (.swf) file that reads it’s data and configuration parameters in JSON format. You can have the JSON data in a dedicated text file or you can feed it through JavaScript for most flexibility when having multiple charts on one page. OFC comes with PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, .NET and Java classes (which are also LGPL) for configuring charts (generating the JSON data). Read more…